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What NTA does

We collect unwanted computers and accessories donated by institutions, firms and individuals click for more information
We assemble then after evaluating them, repairing them and installing the right software.
We send them to African countries for educational and training projects click for more infomation
We give training to technicians and teachers.
We monitor the evolution of the project in order to learn and improve.

We do all this with two main goals:

1. To help the technological development of Africa through co-operation.

There are lots of “afro-pessimists” that think that after the failure of the old structural plans there is nothing to be done. We, that consider ouserlves, “Afro-optimists“, believe that there is a solution, that an African “revival” is possible through work, imagination and establishing reciprocal relations with the West

2.To solve the problem of unwanted computers.

At NTA we recycle the technological material that firms and individuals do not use any more and we send it to educational centers or other kinds of cultural organisations in Africa where it may be of use. This way we help in the process of teaching new technologies to the young African people.

The result of our activity is that we help to save energy in Europe by recycling. As we reuse old computers, and other materials, we help to save the energy that would have been used in manufacturing new products and destroying old unwanted ones.

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