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   Africa and the Internet

Africa and the Internet

Africa and the new technologies
According to a statement recently made by the United Nations, the development of new technologies is widening the gap between the rich countries and the developing ones.

How can we speak about the Internet and globalisation while a whole continent has limited access to this progress?

We at NTA, guided by the statement of the UN, try to give a technological chance to Africa, a continent that we think will play a decisive role during this millenium. Aware of the vital importance of the education in any society, we firmly believe that our contribution will be of great value.

The Internet in Africa
Africa needs the Internet. Not as a product it itself, but as a means of accessing information to improve production and development. This is the opinion of Mr Manuel Castells, Professor of Sociology at the University of Berkeley, an opinion shared by our organisation. We believe that the Internet will be used mostly as an educational, training and teaching tool.

Only one out of every 250 persons in Africa now uses the Internet. We can appreciate how insignificant this figure is when we compare it to the average world usage of 1 in every 35 and with the usage in Europe and North America of one in every 3 persons.

The high cost of the computers and phone connection in those countries is one of the reasons for the low use of Internet.

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